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26 Criminally Funny Tweets By The Kansas Police Departments


The relationship between police and Americans, particularly black Americans, is complicated, to say the least. ‘To protect and serve’ is their purpose, but many believe that the reality proves otherwise. Naturally, the police are looking for ways to connect with the community to spread the word that they’re not all bad guys and even have a sense of humor. Two police departments from the state of Kansas – Lawrence and Topeka PD’s – found a unique way to connect with their communities. “What we have found is that using humor generates a lot more interest, generates a lot more replies and retweets and things like that if it’s funny because people don’t expect a police department to be funny,” Public Affairs Officer Drew Fennelly from the Lawrence Police Department explained to the media. The two Twitter accounts have a huge following and people are actually looking forward to hearing what the police have to say. Scroll down below and see the list of the best tweets from Lawrence and Topeka cities’ police departments and don’t forget to vote!