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51 Hilarious Parodies Of Melodramatic Hipsters’ Captions


Hipsters have made a name for themselves as a group that lives outside mainstream culture – proudly flaunting ironic old-timey clothing, elaborate beards, and mustaches while sipping on craft beer and snacking on artisanal, organic foods. While it’s easy to spot a hipster on the outside, what goes on inside their brains? – some pretty deep melodramatic thoughts. This list is full of emotional hipster captions that someone decided to parody, and the edits are so much better than the originals.

The term ‘hipster’ or ‘hip’ is documented as going back as far as 1902 in America. The New York Tribune published a quote at the end of the 1920s that includes the term, referring to the original ‘hipsters’ who were people who carried hip flasks around during Prohibition. Flasks full of liquor, what could be more hipster than that?