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Black Cat Intrudes A Football Game And Doesn’t Bother To Leave


Everybody knows that cats can basically do whatever they want to do in this wonderful world. Unlike dogs, cats are not here to listen to your orders, so if they feel like entering a huge stadium in the middle of a game, they will most certainly do so and nobody will be able to stop them. You see, cats know their adorable fluffy paws and wonderful soft fur they are undoubtedly superior to any living thing on this planet so all we can do is just keep enjoying their beauty and let them rule the world.

Not long ago a football match was disrupted by a beautiful black kitten

The Premier League match between Everton and Wolverhampton Wanderers had to be stopped for a moment in order to guide out the uninvited guest with adorable black fur.

Af first this cute kitten was just running around the stadium and enjoying everyone’s attention, but later he stopped showing off and was ready to exit the spotlight.

The crowd couldn’t stop cheering on the kitten

Commentators thought it was a joke organized by someone while others believed it is completely possible the cat entered the stadium on her own since stadiums with so much food everyone often draws in rats and cats from all around the area.

Football fans rushed to comment on this hilarious situation online

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You can watch this video to see the mischievous kitten yourself