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41 Of The Best Responses To ‘The Worst Way To Hold Your Drink’


There’s more than one way to skin a cat – and even more ways to hold your drink. Picking up a glass may seem like a pretty straightforward practice, but that depends entirely on who you ask. From etiquette specialists to scientists, and now Twitter, it seems everyone has their own methods. Twitter user Daniel Inman decided to have some fun with this everyday action and asked the question “what’s the worst way to hold your drink?” and people responded with the most insane, hilarious and creative photos. The list below contains some of the best answers and may even give you some new ideas, so, don’t forget to upvote your favs!

Inman’s post may seem silly but according to science, there is a right way to hold your coffee mug. Physicist Jiwon Han, tired of spilling his morning java, decided to do a scientific study on the problem and while part of spills can be summed up to size and shape of the drinking vessel vs the amount of liquid, the way you hold your glass does play a role. It turns out holding the rim of a mug with a claw-like grasp from the top was the most secure way to transport a beverage. While it sounds uncomfortable, Han explained that it keeps the mug’s center of gravity relatively stable, he even had his subjects walk backward during the experiment and found the same positive results.