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18 Clueless Guys Guessing What The Letters On Tampons Mean


Obvious things aren’t obvious and it’s easy to make simple mistakes that have others laughing out loud. That’s the lesson Twitter users learned after women started asking their boyfriends if they knew what the letters printed on tampons mean.

Twitter user Evan J Worthen made a joke online that the letters ‘R’ and ‘L’ on tampons stand for ‘Right’ and ‘Left’, and this motivated women to check if their boyfriends knew the real meaning. And the replies are more than just chuckle-worthy. Evan’s joke got more than 228,100 likes on Twitter and was retweeted an astounding 24,300 times.

Women decided to test their boyfriends and check if they know what the letters mean

Are you ready for a quick lesson about tampons? Those of you who already know can skip these two paragraphs and go read Bored Panda’s list about the most painfully hilarious comics about periods that only women will understand.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes. The letters on tampons stand for their absorbency level. ‘R’ means ‘Regular.’ ‘L’ stands for ‘Light.’ ‘S’ stands for ‘Super.’ Seems pretty simple, right? Apparently not. Because many, many men couldn’t get the answers right when confronted by their significant others. Their answers were hilarious, ranging from ‘L’ meaning ‘Love’ or ‘Lollipop’ to ‘R’ standing for ‘Ridiculously Bleeding’ and ‘Really Big.’ 

Not all men are experts about females, but it never hurts to learn something new. For example, despite all of us going to biology class, many guys are still completely in the dark about periods, and how they affect women.

Cosmopolitan says that there are plenty of things men don’t understand about women. Such as how women actually never find catcalling cute, and that doing makeup takes a really long time because it is such delicate and precise work. And that period pain is a very serious thing, and not a joke like some guys (and even some healthcare professionals) think. The next time someone asks you what those letters on tampons mean, now you’ll know what to tell them and won’t need to guess.