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74 Hedgehog Cakes From Hell


The festive season has started, and chances are you will be rocking your inner chef way more often than anyone was ready for. With quarantine outside the window, an endless flow of cooking shows on TV, and a Yankee candle in warm apple pie slowly smoldering, a cake may come to your mind.

Now, bear with me, ‘cause this is where we get serious. If you find yourself wanting to make a hedgehog cake, by any chance, please give yourself some time and do whatever you need to do to think of another delicacy. Because trust me, there’s a proper reason why hedgehog cakes are, hands-down, the meme of our times.

This time, Bored Panda has compiled you a list full of attempted hedgehog cakes that are tributes to human persistence, confidence, and expectations. But as we know very well, many expectations may not turn into reality. And chocolatey hedgehog heads are a rare example where it happens to be a rule.