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This Russian Artist Shows What It’s Like To Be A Girl By Creating Relatable Comics, And Here Are 44 Of Them


We asked Ekaterian what inspired her to draw the comics. She said this: “I’ve always been an introverted person. At school, I was that one strange teenage kid—one might say an outcast. It was easier for me to observe people than to interact with them. But I was lucky to have one friend that you can see in my comics—Tanya.”

“Due to the fact that she was always drawing, I kind of tried it too. We would sometimes chat in comics during class. I still have these comics, will maybe even publish them someday.”

“In general though, I started drawing only after the move. To push things forward, I decided to take on the 366-day drawing challenge—it’s when you have to draw every day and publish the work online. Once it all started, I quickly realized that I didn’t know what to do because my drawings were horrible, it would have been very embarrassing to upload them. But I had to do something.”

“I had recently moved to a new apartment that, turned out, had a problem with the water—some kind of orange liquid was coming out from the tap, and it would come out suddenly. One moment you’re washing your hands, the other there’s this orange sludge coming out! That was it, this was the vision, I decided to start with this, I could not do anything else.”