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People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Tactics To Annoy The Hell Out Of Scam Callers (77 Pics)


Never before has it been so unsafe to answer a call from an unknown number. The worldwide pandemic has made phone scammers and robocalls more desperate and proactive. They target the most vulnerable of us, all hit by the financial and emotional burdens brought by an unprecedented crisis. Three out of 4 Americans said they were targeted by phone scammers over the past year, reported this survey.

In addition to staying alert at all times when your phone rings, some people are arming themselves with humor and see it as a sort of entertainment. Like the comedian Joe Heenan, who recently tweeted, probably sarcastically, how much he “loves spam calls.”

“I pretend I’m an old Scottish woman desperate to pay them. My record’s an hour,” Joe wrote in a post which went viral with 39.3K likes. More people joined the thread to share their own tips and tricks on dealing with scammers, which are honestly quite funny.

That doesn’t mean, though, that phone scams should be viewed lightheartedly. Whenever you’re unsure about the caller, you’re likely to be much safer not answering it than regretting getting into a robocall bonanza.