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50 Hilarious Dog Posts To Put A Smile On Your Face (New Pics)


With all of the unconditional love we receive from dogs, it’s only fair we take real good care of them. “Dogs provide one of the most uncomplicated (and most beneficial) relationships one could hope,” Arden said. “Making them happy is generally as simple as providing them a home, nutritious food, clean water, appropriate toys, plenty of appropriate exercises for them to release both physical and mental energy, and companionship. Pretty short and easy list for a bestie.”

And while dogs can’t articulate their emotional state, they can certainly show us when they’re having a good time. “A dog’s body language tells you a lot about how they’re feeling,” Arden said. “Relaxed, soft, loose body language (including soft tail wag, play bows, relaxed ear set, and soft eyes) are all indicative of a happy dog. Also, a good appetite, good sleep habits (about 16 hours a day for an adult dog), and enthusiasm for interaction are signs that a dog is healthy and happy in their environment.”

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