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66 Times Companies And People Tried To Appeal To The Youth And Failed Miserably


Prepare yourselves for mass levels of cringe that are bound to send you spiraling deep into face-palm territory, dear Pandas. In my personal experience, there are very few things that are more cringeworthy (and deeply, deeply sad on a cosmic level) than seeing someone desperately trying to fit in with the younger crowd. They might think they’re hip, but they might actually need a hip replacement. “How do you do, fellow kids,” indeed.

It’s not just your neighbors, teachers, and professors, though. It’s entire companies, corporations, and conglomerates that try to appeal to the youngest generations by using their vernacular (read: slang), too. This, however, can backfire gloriously because it’s anything but natural and sometimes you can’t even get to grips with what’s going on. Imagine your grandparents shouting ‘YOLO’ and then doing the Backpack Kid’s dance moves—it’s that level of ‘oh Lord no, no, no, please stop.’

What’s even better is that there’s an entire subreddit, r/FellowKids, dedicated to documenting and cataloging the very worst transgressors who try to be cool. Check out the best pics below, upvote the ones that made your inner child groan in embarrassment, and be careful so you don’t overdose on the cringe.