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This Instagram Account Celebrates Ugly Gardens In All Their Horrible Glory, And Here Are 72 Of The Worst Pics


A person’s garden, lawn, and yard are their pride and joy. No matter how horrendously bizarre, ugly, eccentric, and eldritch it might look! There’s a certain beauty in ugliness and we shouldn’t be shy about sharing it with the world. And if our neighbors get mad, well that’s when you show them this captivating Instagram account that features weird and ugly gardens in all their decadent glory. Beautiful is boring, but ugly can be beautiful.

Created by English and history teacher James Hull and landscape architect Bede Brennan, the Instagram project has already amassed a whopping 124k followers and continues to grow. Much like the weeds digging their roots ever-deeper in some of these lawns.

Have a look at the very best (or is that worst?) gardens below, upvote the ones that are so bad they’re starting to seem quite nice, and let us know which of these dystopian nightmares you loved looking at the most. Just take care not to get lost in the weeds, otherwise, we’ll have to send out a Panda search party. We just hope the garden gnomes won’t notice us… golly that’s a lot of gnomes!

I had a lovely chat with Bede and James about their fantastic project. The warm duo answered my questions, from the origins of the Instagram account itself to what sustains their passion for the project and how a garden doesn’t have to be classically beautiful to stand out. You’ll find their cheerful interview with Bored Panda below, so be sure to have a read, dear Pandas!

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