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84 Times People Who Went Through The ‘Blunder Years’ Phase Posted These Absolutely Hilarious Pics (New Pics)


Although long gone are our careless teenage years, with the oldest millennials turning 40 this year (you gotta be kiddin’ me, right?!), the blunder years still come back to haunt us. Usually they come in the form of school pics stacked somewhere in our parents’ houses.

But the tendency about those pics is clear, they reemerge out of nowhere during the least expected moments, like a family reunion, or during dinner meant to introduce your love interest to your parents. Most importantly, our skin has toughened quite a bit, but the blunder pics still make us blush like it was yesterday.

So today we’re diving into the hilariously brilliant r/BlunderYears community where people share one thing we all have in common: the old pictures of ourselves that prove going through major ups and downs, twists, and loop-de-loops when it comes to our identities is only human! Sit back, relax and get ready to chuckle for this relatable selection below, and be sure to check out our previous posts with pics from blunder years here, here and here.