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73 Painfully Relatable Memes And Jokes About Everything Programming And Computer Science (New Pics)


To me, programming and coding are nothing short of magic. You write some squiggles made of light by wiggling your hands above a keyboard and boom—you make contact with your computer. It’s talking to machines, Pandas, and I think it’s magnificently weird when you start looking at coding from an outsider’s perspective.

And even though I’m absolutely awful at programming (truly horrendous, just the worst, I am a metaphorical monkey with a mouse), something I’m pretty good at is humor. Especially recognizing a good joke when it’s staring me in the face. That’s why I’m so captivated by the r/ProgrammerHumor subreddit, a sprawling cyber-community that celebrates computer-related humor and has some truly hilarious content. We’ve collected some of their best memes and jokes that programmers will relate to and, we’re pretty certain, would make even a toaster laugh.

In the mood for some more coding chuckles and keyboard quips? Don’t even worry about it, Bored Panda’s got you covered! We’ve written about the r/ProgrammerHumor community quite extensively in the past and you’ll find our last two articles about the subreddit here and here, written by my talented colleagues.

Bored Panda reached out to software engineer, musician, and artist Andrew Eckel for some great insights about the programming world, why debugging can be so much fun, and about those rare ‘eureka’ moments that are so rewarding and make the pursuit of coding all worth it. Scroll down for my full interview with him. Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out about Andrews’s newest art project that was made using code, it was recently featured on Bored Panda—you can read about it right here.