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‘Kamikaze By Words’: 69 Times People Insulted Themselves To Take Others Down With Them


There are people out there who are willing to sacrifice pretty much anything—their pride, their self-respect, their reputation—for the sake of a good joke. They’re the everyday self-deprecating heroes of the internet who keep us chuckling even when the skies are grey and the chips are down.

That’s where the ‘Kamikaze By Words’ subreddit comes in. It’s a 433,000-member-strong online community that celebrates social media users who insult themselves in order to insult someone else. Someone who usually deserves it. Or, to put it more poetically, it’s “taking down the ship” in order to sink the captain.

The sub has been making people laugh since 2018, and it has collected some truly amazing posts in its 4-year tenure. What started out as an inside joke between friends eventually blossomed into a large community. We’re featuring the best of the best posts, all for the sake of your entertainment, dear Pandas. Scroll down to check them out and remember to upvote your fave ones. Got any similar stories to tell? You can share ‘em in the comments.

Meanwhile, Bored Panda got in touch with the mod team running ‘Kamikaze By Words’, as well as with comedy writer and aspiring pop-star Ariane Sherine to have a chat about self-deprecating humor. You’ll find both interviews below.