Thursday, October 29, 2020

If Edible Insects Are the Future, We Should Talk About Poop

Insects are touted as a major new source of protein, but scaling up Big Cricket could mean new problems—such as what to do with...

Is It Time for a Google Fitness Watch?

Fitness is what’s driving smartwatches.

Why Does a Lunar Eclipse Get Called a Blood Moon?

It means that people (*cough astrologers not astronomers*) are giving names to phenomena that don’t really need cute labels.

2 Food Processors Tested: Breville, Cuisinart

Even if your knife skills are solid, a food processor is still faster and more convenient for bigger projects.

In This Brutal ‘Titan Games’ Event, Friction Is The Real Winner

Sure, you need big muscles to win the Lunar Impact event in Dwayne Johnson's new reality show. But you won't get anywhere without friction.

To Prevent Wildfires, Treat Utilities Like Railroad Barons

PG&E’s electrical equipment likely caused California’s massive Camp Fire. That’s particularly maddening because science knows full well how to stop that.

Antibiotics Are Failing Us. Crispr Is Our Glimmer of Hope

Antibiotics are still massively overprescribed, a new study shows. With no new drugs in sight, some scientists are turning to Crispr for a reboot.

Best Skiing and Snowboarding Gear (2019): Jackets, Boots, and More

From custom skis to the ultimate in-bounds backpack, everything you need to make the most of powder days.

8 Best Travel Coffee Mugs (2019): Insulated, Steel, Thermal

From classics like Zojirushii, Yeti, and Stanley to new mugs from OtterBox and Snow Peak, I tried a ton of travel tumblers this winter....

A Crocodile-Like Robot Helps Solve a 300-Million-Year Mystery

Researchers use a fossil, fancy computer work, and a complex robot to tease apart how an early land-walking animal moved.

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