Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mayku FormBox: Mold Your Next Work of Art With a Vacuum and a little...

Smaller than a microwave, the Mayku FormBox uses heat and suction to create precise molds out of plastic.

One Scientist Hopes to Engineer the Climate With Antacid

In the first solar geoengineering experiment in the lower atmosphere, scientists will test a recipe that could provide some temperature control back on Earth.

3 Smart Things: The Hidden Lives of Liquids

Did you know human salivary glands pump out about a quart—a Big Gulp!—a day?

The Invisible Reality of Brand-New Motherhood on Instagram

Instagram is full of serene, beautiful, caftan-clad mothers. But nothing on the platform really focuses on the visceral ravages experienced by a postpartum body.

Watching the Super Blood Wolf Moon? What to Know About This Lunar Phenomenon

A total lunar eclipse known by any other name ... is still a total lunar eclipse.

Exploding Stars May Have Killed Off Prehistoric Predators

Subatomic particles streaming through the atmosphere could have fatally irradiated ancient megafauna like the megalodon monster shark.

The Best of Breastfeeding Tech in 2019: Medela, Willow, Lilu

From new breast shields to hands-free pumps, breast pumping technology just keeps getting better and better.

16 of the Best Winter Sales for 2019: Outdoors, Tech, Games

There are some exciting sales this cold weekend from REI, Apple, Samsung, and more.

Gadget Lab Podcast: A Deep Dive Into Nike’s Adapt BB Smart Sneakers

WIRED’s Peter Rubin joins the Gadget Lab podcast to talk about his experience wearing Nike’s newest self-adjusting sneakers. Plus: Nitasha Tiku weighs in on...

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Review: Love at First Slice

Breville's smart oven makes a foolproof, restaurant-quality Neapolitan-style pizza, and sits on your countertop.

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